Move your money

There is one thing that everyone reading this can personally do to help shift our economy:

Move your money, folks.

Find a local credit union, open an account, set up all of your bill-pays & such, then go to your bank, close out all of your accounts and make sure you send the bank a letter and tell them why you are moving.

I found a cooperative credit union in Berkeley. You become a member and vote for the Board of Directors and participate in decisions about how the institution’s profit is invested. Same online banking I was already used to, huge ATM networks, no fees for using outside ATMs, and best of all, my money will no longer be used for evil purposes, rather it will go towards investing in my local community, which is where it belongs.



Change we can believe in..

Change we can believe in..

The irony of Israel

The tremendous historical irony of the behavior of Israel is almost beyond comprehension. Israel, like the U.S., has created the situation they complain about with their own behavior. Those who arrogantly abuse others will never be secure. It’s just one of those self-evident universal truths.

Pleasant Revolution – Nov 2, 2011 Occupy Oakland port shutdown

These guys held down the uplifting positive vibrations throughout most of the day. I wish I had been able to set up and capture the whole thing but this little bit hopefully conveys the feeling. I am most grateful to have stumbled across this bicycle powered vibe fest.

Move your money..

Opening an account today at a local, Berkeley based community based credit union. Tomorrow I transfer over everything from Citibank.

Feels good.

Move Your Money Project

Berkeley Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union

Truck blocked at Occupy Oakland port shutdown activity

Pleasant Revolution/Ginger Ninjas at the Port of Oakland occupation

One of the most beautiful experiences I had at the Port of Oakland occupation was listening to the Pleasant Revolution folks singing and playing with their bicycle powered sound system.  I recorded this audio of a song, “Be My Own Radio”.  Such a powerful message, these guys were brimming with consciousness and good vibes.  Check it out below..

Be My Own Radio by Pleasant Revolution 2011-11-02